20.10.12 – Untertauchen feat. Jerome Sydenham @ Goethebunker [Essen]


Maschinendeck: Techno
JEROME SYDENHAM [Ibadan, Apotek, New York/ Berlin] MIKE DNMK [GB, Quartier Midi] Vlight.to [Live Visuals]

Kombüse: House
CRAMP [Maneki Music, Quartier Midi]

23:00 Einlass
10€ Eintritt

Der Geist des Techno-Ozeans ist zurück. Der Bunker hat seine Pforten wieder geöffnet und Untertauchen präsentiert zum Start in die neue Tauchsaison
einen großen Mann der Techno/HouseSzene: JEROME SYDENHAM.

Nach der langen Tauchpause sind alle Sauerstoffflaschen randvoll gefüllt, Schotten, Schraube und Periskop überholt und voll einsatzbereit. Wir freuen uns
alle Taucher wiederzusehen und gemeinsam rauschende Nächte zu erleben.

Soundcloud-Channel Mike Dnmk

Jerome Sydenham Info


Jerome Sydenham is one of the hottest tickets in the world of house and techno music right now. His DJ sets are nothing short of phenomenal –
veering from deep, intricate, chugging techno, to jackin’ tech house, into huge anthemic house moments in the classic vein. Always pursuing
his love for techno – both industrial-edged thumpers and deep, soulful Detroit moments, with some melodic beauties along the way.

Jerome Sydenham’s illustrious music career took off in the late eighties when he joined the prestigious A&R division at Atlantic Records where
he worked with the likes En Vogue,Das Efx, and breaking the vocal house group Ten City. Soon after he met emerging producer Kerri Chandler –
one of his closest friends and a former collaborator, his name as a producer and DJ gradually built over the ‘90s, with his superb label Ibadan
Records launched in 1995.

He is best known for beautiful, emotive, sunkissed deep house tracks like “Swimming Places”, and his timeless collaboration with Dennis Ferrer,
“Sandcastles”, both on leading house imprint Defected. However he also shares Ferrer’s love for hypnotic, soulful, sexy techno – bringing an
undeniable warmth to an often emotionally cold genre of music. His collaborations with Get Physical’s Swedish talent Tiger Stripes – like the
hugely acclaimed “Elevation” and their joyous remix of Faze Action’s classic “In The Trees” – should likewise be added to the cannon of great
house music history.

Sydenham’s desire to push the creative envelope took him into the world of Techno with the hit “Asama”, with which he launched the German based
label Apotek Records. The year 2007 also saw the initiation of a new label collaboration, Avocado Records, established in Denmark with heavy weight
producer Rune RK with the monster “Elephant”.

Jeromes Music!



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