15.12.12 – Untertauchen feat. DEADBEAT live! [Wagon Repair, BLKRTZ, ~scape, Montreal/Berlin] @ Goethebunker [Essen]


Maschinendeck: Techno
DEADBEAT live [Wagon Repair, BLKRTZ, ~scape, Montreal/Berlin] MIKE DNMK [GB, Quartier Midi] Vlight.to [Live Visuals]

Kombüse: House
Tim Schumacher (terpsiton/vfmm)

23:00 Einlass
10€ Eintritt

Jerome Sydenham hat die neue Tauchsaison grandios eröffnet und gezeigt wie man feiert wenn der Rahmen stimmt.
Für Issue Nummer zwei haben wir Scott Monteith aka DEADBEAT aus Montreal für ein Live-Set eingeladen. House & Techno trifft auf
allerfeinste Dub Vibes. Großartige Beats und tiefste Bassfrequenzen sind typisch für den Wahlberliner, der uns mit seinem Album
ROOTS AND WIRE auf WAGON REPAIR bereits in 2008 überzeugte. Nachdem Scott 7 Alben veröffentlicht hatte, startete er in 2011 sein
eigenes Label BLKRTZ, um seinen Entwurf von dubbiger Clubmusik noch weiter nach seinen Vorstellungen zu entwickeln.
Wir freuen uns EXTREMST auf ein Live Set der ersten Produktionsliga. 🙂



“When I received the news a few months ago that ~scape was officially closing its doors, I was incredibly sad to hear it.” says
Monteith from his new home in Berlin. “Though I hadn’t worked with them in a few years, I always saw ~scape as the natural home
for a very important part of my work. Not necessarily the more listening side of things per se, but certainly the most unconcerned
with genre or function, from a creative stand point the most free I guess. Barbara and Stefan worked very hard to promote a great
deal of quite marginalized material over the years and did a lot to help me and many other artists out personally who otherwise would
have had a much harder time of it. Though I’ll be concentrating on my own work for the first few releases, it’s my hope that BLKRTZ
can serve a similarly honorable purpose in the years to come.”

Deadbeat is one Scott Monteith, a long time Montrealer and recent Berlin ex-pat who has been releasing his own special blend of dub laden,
minimal electronics since 2000, for labels such as Cynosure, Scape, and Wagon Repair to name but a few. His work has been met with consistent
critical acclaim from the industry’s leading publications and websites, and drawn regular performance invitations for some of the world’s most
respected festivals, including Barcelona’s Sonar, Berlin’s Transmediale, and Montreal’s own Mutek. From 1999 to late 2003, Scott worked,
assuming various roles, for the Montreal based company Applied Acoustics Systems, makers of a range of critically acclaimed software synthesizers.
Having now moved on to pursue his own musical efforts full time, the experience left him with a passion for the development of new creative
interfaces, and a strong grasp of some the most cutting edge technology in the industry. A certified music technology junkie, his knowledge
in such matters has been occasionally called upon at various events, most notably the 2007 edition of the Red Bull Music Academy in Melbourne,
Australia, and as a writer for Computer Music Magazine. Whether crafting kaleidoscopic house and techno, snap-clap digital dancehall, or impossibly
heavy dub, Scott continues to search for his own unique voice between the ones and zeros.

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